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Islamic puzzle game

Islamic Puzzles

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Islamic puzzle game

Islamic Puzzles is a game that belongs only to the Islamic side based on the idea of a link and crossword puzzles.

Features of Islamic Puzzles

- Questions in the field of Islamic religion contain more than 250 questions divided into several areas such as prophetic biography, companions and quran...
- Contains a lot of help such as skipping the stage or detecting letters or revealing the first letter
- The possibility of asking your friend for help on Facebook, Twitter or social networking through the sharing button.
- The possibility of earning points and buying aid
- Interesting stages
- Beautiful designs
- Playing without internet
It's also a useful and fun game for the whole family.
— Hundreds of difficult questions
— Back-to-back updates
— Test your Islamic information
— Share with your friends and challenge them
— Free forever
— 100 percent Arabic.

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