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Learning English

English language learning app

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Learning English

Learn English with the most famous Arabic program ever compared to other programs.

The best way to learn English correctly and in a short time is to download our program, which will help you build a strong and correct foundation in English, which has become an urgent necessity nowadays.

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This program is a complete and integrated course to teach English to beginners from scratch as you will find more information from the school and language institute because it is explained in a simplified and prepared way by specialists in this field.

Features of the English language learning program

The program works fully without the need for the Internet except for the online learning section and the video lessons section
All lessons are supported by audio and recorded by a specialized original speaker
The sound quality is very high, taking into account the speed of pronunciation of the phrase.
All lessons are translated into Arabic and detailed and supported by examples and tests

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1- Rules Section: Where you will find a detailed explanation of all topics supported by examples and sound
2- Voting section: full explanation of the votes
3- Terminology Section: The most famous and most commonly used English terms
4- Vocabulary Section: Everything you need in order to build a strong and sober linguistic stock supported by the correct pronunciation
5- Ferry Section: Many English phrases have been added that touch the various aspects of our daily lives
6- Conversations Section: Many English conversations supported by keywords and tests have been added where there are 3 tests for each listening test conversation, text test, listening test and text together
7- Synonyms section: Synonyms have been added that are the most important in English
8- English opposites section and contains what you need at this stage
9- Section of abnormal acts and standard actions that are indispensable for each learner
10- The Department of English Abbreviations, which is the most important section for those who want to speak English fluently
11- Video section: In this section there are many lessons described in audio and image in order to convey the idea easily
12- The voice speaker section of this section will help you prepare your lessons with ease where you can store words, phrases or even texts in listening lists with the possibility of adding translation to them
And you can listen to it all the time and without the need for the Internet
And many other features such as playlists, searches, and a lot of features that you'll discover yourself.

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