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Teaching the Holy Quran to children

Teaching and memorizing a wall of the Holy Quran in a fun way and by directing a beautiful art.

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Teaching the Holy Quran to children

Features of the Quran education application for children:

Single reading with a follow-up to the avasi
Read with children with optional possibility and repeat them
Pronounce the name of the surah for the child to save.
He doesn't need the internet.
Education as young as inscription on stone, the best stages of learning the Qur'an,
Early childhood (3-6) years
Where the child's mind is awake, and his conservation queens are pure.

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Fun and exciting program to teach the short wall
Quraysh-Ma'an-Al-Kawtar-Infidels-Victory-Al-Masd- Fidelity-Falaq-People
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